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Pleasant hikes

Hiking tours with refreshments

Pure pleasure! Every hike somehow includes a stop at an alp. What could be better than letting your skin be tickled by the sun's rays and enjoying alpine specialities? Please inform yourself about the opening hours of the alps before you start your hike.



Alp Bella

(medium, 8.5 kilometres, 194 metres ascent, 958 metres descent), also possible in the opposite direction


The first metres in altitude are covered with the double-decker gondola of the mountain railway. Once at the top of the Alptrider Sattel, the hike begins. First you take a dirt road down to Alp Trida - this part can also be covered with the chairlift. Then the forest path leads past the ski house and climbs leisurely towards Alp Bella. The Piz Mundin and the Ötztal Alps can be seen to the south.


After about 1 - 1.5 hours of hiking, you will reach Alp Bella. It lies at 2380 metres above sea level and is thus one of the highest cow alps in Europe. The cow's milk is processed in the alpine dairy in Samnaun-Laret. Transport to the alpine dairy is via a milk pipeline about 1.5 cm thick. From Alp Bella (looking towards Grübelekopf) you can also see the round rock formation "bei der Kirche", an impressive geological witness to the folding of the Alps.


After refreshments, the hike continues via Oberalp to Unteralp, where the Alpstein is one of the largest boulders in Switzerland. The route descends leisurely along the Mühlbach stream to Samnaun-Compatsch or Samnaun-Laret. There the PostBus runs regularly back to Samnaun Dorf.


Variants: Alternatively, this hike can be tackled in reverse (more metres in altitude uphill, hardly any metres in altitude downhill). Another, easier option is to take the cable cars to Alp Trida and "only" walk from Alp Trida to Alp Bella and back to Alp Trida..



Munt da Chierns

(difficult, 10.2 kilometres, 1183 metres ascent, 398 metres descent)


This mountain hike starts in Samnaun-Compatsch. First, a well-maintained forest path leads to the Tschoccas forest hut. Through the beautiful larch and stone pine forest, the trail climbs steeply towards Piz Urezza. The ascent continues across flowering alpine meadows to the Munt da Chierns. At the top, you are rewarded by a wonderful view of the surrounding mountains and the Zander Valley. After the descent along the narrow hiking trail, you can take a break at the shepherd's family on Alp Bella. The hike then continues via Alp Trida to the Alptrider Sattel. The gondola then takes you quickly back down to the valley.



Fliesser Alp - Alp Bella

(difficult, 16.8 kilometres, 1053 metres ascent, 1053 metres descent), also possible in the opposite direction


From country to country, from alp to alp: from the Fliesser Alp in Austria to Alp Bella in Switzerland.


This hike starts in Samnaun-Compatsch and initially leads along the culture trail into the Zander Valley. After crossing the border into neighbouring Tyrol, the trail climbs to Fliesser Alp. Here the alpine Inn invites you to take a break.

The hike continues to the Matschiberlesattel. Here the view opens up into the Samnaun valley, towards the Reschen Pass and the Ötztal Alps. At Unter Malfrag the national border is crossed again. This can also be seen from the different trail markings (Switzerland: white-red-white, Austria: red-white-red).

At the Spatlasattel the panorama changes, now you can see the Swiss side of the Silvretta Arena, Samnaun's local mountain Muttler and the Fluchthorn to the west. You can also already see Alp Bella and the further hiking trail to the alpine hut clearly.

After Alp Bella you descend to Unteralp, where the Alpstein, one of the largest boulders in Switzerland, lies. The path leads leisurely along the Mülbach stream back to Samnaun-Compatsch.


Variants: An easy alternative is to hike "only" to Fliesser Alp and then to Spiss, to the Spissermühle border crossing or back to Samnaun-Compatsch.

The descent from Alp Bella to Samnaun-Compatsch can be replaced by a chairlift and gondola ride from Alp Trida. Then the tour ends in Samnaun-Ravaisch (also possible in the opposite direction with start in Samnaun-Ravaisch, gondola ride to Alptrider Sattel and chairlift ride to Alp Trida, where the hike starts in the direction of Alp Bella).